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   How can I help YOU? I assist YOU in guiding YOU to get back on the path YOU want to be on and to believe in yourself again. Know that your armor may be dented and dinged but broken it is not. I understand that life has knocked YOU down a few to many times but your only enemy is YOU. YOU may be a product of YOUR environment and have been engrained with ways of thinking that YOU now realize are not yours!  As a MINDSET Coach my focus is to  change the way YOU see yourself and your perception of the world around YOU.  Is this a difficult task? NO! The key is to be painfully honest with yourself and go inward to identify your strengths and weaknesses and what YOU are passionate about. I then will assist YOU in laying out a realistic plan to best attain the goals YOU will need to work towards to be successful with your career, relationship, and health.
















What do I offer? I proudly wear many hats that I can share with you based on your needs.  I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Energy & Sound Healer, Meditation teacher, co-owner of AURIC SHIFT and SKULL & MOON and I am the HOST of the Reset Yourself 22 Podcast. As YOU can see I offer many tools to help YOU build the confidence YOU need to get to where YOU wish to go.  

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