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Energy Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Mindset Coach,
& Certified Consulting Hypnotist



Whenever YOU get knocked down, remember YOU can always get back up, you are a beautiful work in progress, and although we are not perfect, there is always an opportunity to RESET YOURSELF.               


The methods I follow and share, can help give YOU the reset button.

Natalie & Me (She started it all)

(Photo Courtesy of Dawn Marie Crocco)

About Me

Let’s see…  where to begin? 


This is my story… 

I’ve always had an affinity for history especially religion and spirituality.  I was raised Catholic; went to Catholic school and was an altar boy for many years.  I am of Cuban decent and my family’s and community’s culture stems from Santeria.  I have very vivid memories of the rituals I witnessed as a child and have always appreciated the depth of the practices.  Throughout my life I have been blessed to experience many different Christian Masses, Jewish Ceremonies, Hindu Pujas and Temples, Wiccan Sabbats and Rituals, Buddhist Rites and Traditions and Spiritualist Services and Healing Circles.  It’s such an honor to practice and share spirituality of so many different faiths.  I have continued throughout my life, studying and practicing many different rituals and now offer spiritual cleansings of the person and home and help people discover and honor their gifts. 


It seems that we seek for a deeper connection to spirituality when our lives are turned upside down and I dug down deep in what I learned on my journey so far to find the spiritual strength to face my first big blow, when my mother passed away.  In October of 2003, she was buried on Halloween or Samhain, when it is believed that the ghosts of the dead return to earth but on this day my mother was leaving it.  What a tear to your soul when the person that gave you life is no longer alive to share life with.  The very next day I searched for a way to fill this void and meditation was the answer.  Oh, trust me, it wasn’t easy at first and it was difficult at that time to find guidance with what I was trying to attain.  But it truly was a blessing to have that outlet because I don’t know where I would be now if I didn’t have that healing method during the next chapter of my life…  Animal Control. 

As the Chief Animal Control Officer of the state’s largest animal shelter during the time of the 2008 Market Crash, I witnessed so much sadness and loss.  So many families that lost their homes had to give up their pets too.  The suffering and death of so many animals placed me on a path of becoming their voice as a Humane Educator which then lead to founding a non-profit to assist with low cost vaccinations and a pet food pantry just to try to help keep as many pets home as possible.  Whatever it took to help.  As much as I appreciate the lessons I learned throughout my animal control/rescue experience, I needed to change the way I continued to help animals for my own sanity. 

I have always had a knack with animals.  Little did I know that my connection was allowing me to read them energetically.  When I became a Reiki Practitioner specializing in Animal Reiki, I realized that I have been practicing energy healing my whole life.  I enjoyed learning about energy healing so much and wanted to learn as many modalities as possible.  So, I went to New Jersey to become a Pranic Healing Practitioner. 

Everything comes together in perfect timing and my energy healing trainings couldn’t have come at a better time.  I became a caretaker for a close friend battling with cancer.  Watching someone close to you slowly deteriorate month by month, week by week, day by day knowing that he is destined to pass is heart breaking.  During the many months that I spent with him, we practiced Guided Meditations daily and energy healing work to ease the pain and transition.  Right before he passed, he made me promise him that I would share my methods and approach to spirituality with as many people as possible.  My passion for living life to the fullest and my promise to my friend has created a soul shift in wanting to dedicate my life to helping pets and people find peace.

It's already been many years since his passing and since then, I kept my promise by hosting guided meditations and sharing healing with many people and their pets.  During the growing of my practice, I chose to expand my methods of truly getting to the roots of my client's problems.  


I learned a great deal about how to remove emotional blockages and get to the root of many common issues through becoming a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, a Certified Sound Healer and a Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner.  My continuing education will never be over and I'm excited to continue to absorb as much knowledge as I can to continue helping others and changing lives.  Thank you for reading my journey.

But enough about me…  let’s talk about you!  Connect with me however you feel the most comfortable and I look forward to meeting you.  Namaste

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