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MAY 2023


"The energy in this room is amazing!" 
Seems to be the comment that was shared over and over by vendors and guests and I feel that saying "Thank YOU" is not enough! We put a lot into creating this event and a lot of people stepped up to create the first "Enlightened CT" event and before we finished the first one we have already been asked when is the next one!

This is what happens when you put an incredible group of like minded positive people in the same room! I never thought it could be so good! The Vendors, Readers, and Healers were so amazing! Watching them talking to each other and visiting each others tables was inspiring. They were not competing with each other but sharing what they do and why they do it with each other and with our guest which really made me smile! 
Guess this explains as one person put it, "There is a buzz in the room!"

Thank you to the Volunteers! I know you worked hard to make this happen! To the Vendors, Readers, and Healers who lugged everything from home, set up, shared of themselves and then had to break everything down after a very long day and of course our many, many GUESTS that came down from around the state and a few others! YOU ROCK!!!!

Thank you for choosing to visit our event! 
If I know Melissa, she is already thinking when will the next one be!  

Blessings to you all! Happy Spring! 


A Moment in Time Massage & Treasures
(Tea Leaf, Angel Tarot & Oracle Card Readings)


(Henna and Mandala Artist)

Aura Inspired Illuminations
(Aura/Chakra Readings)

Club Seacret
(Healing Dead Sea Salt & Mud Products
from the Dead Sea in Israel,Plant Based
Organic Non-GMO Nutrition)

Creatively Yours
(Handmade Silver & Mixed Metal Gemstone Jewelry, Tibetan Singing Bowls)


Diane Duffy aka Spirits Response
(Psychic/Medium Readings)

Dolphin Dreams
(Wire Wrapped Jewelry and Gemstone Gifts)

Earth Conscious Originals
(Celestial, Earthy, Boho-Inspired Jewelry)

(Tarot and Rune Readings)

Gewlry By G Apothecary
(Healing Reiki Intention Candles, Handmade Bracelets and One-of-a-Kind Necklaces, Herkimer Diamonds, Apothecary Goods and Spiritual Healing Tools)

Gogo Indawo - Root and Bone Healing
(Bone Divination and Barajas)

Healing Crystal Coven
(Tarot and Energy Readings /
Mediumship through Tarot)

Healing Intentions
(Multi-dimensional Energy Sessions, Reiki, Psychic /Medium Readings)

Healing Witchery 1692
(Essential Oil Rollers, Sprays, Yoni Steams, Energy Scrubs, Salves, Hand-made Crafts, Wands, Fairy Hoops, Witches Bells. Energy Workers/Healers and Hypnotherapists)

Labyrinth Healing
(Auricular / Ear Therapy Treatment)

Lishy's Custom Trinkets
(Custom Tumblers and Tricket Trays)

Michele’s Enchanted Treasures 

(Crystals, Jewelry and Healing Candles)

Moon Child on the Mend 
(Crystals and Jewelry)


Holly Morrison 
(Intuitive, Faery, Oracle and Romance Readings)

Lisa Morrison 
(Intuitive/Clairsentient - Crystals & Cards, Goddess, Runestone & Past Life Readings)

Planet Bee Apiary
(Raw Honey, Propolis Tincture, Beeswax Products)

Psychic Medium Heather Gottlieb
(Past Life Readings and Psychic Readings)

Rev. Jackie Bumm
(Oracle of Light Rev. Jackie Bumm is a communicator with the spirit world and a channel of light. During a reading, Jackie connects to source, loved ones, pets, angels, masters and guides.)

Sarah Yaiser, Wellness Advocate

(doTERRA Essential Oils and Supplements plus Free iTovi Hand Scans)

Sit, Sip and Chat, LLC
(Tui Na BodyWork and Parts Work Coaching)

Skull and Moon Spiritual Shoppe
(Crystals, Candles, Incense, Ritual Kits, etc)



Just fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

Any questions, please call 203-278-3628.

Vendor Application

To apply for a booth, complete the form, if accepted, you will receive an email with the payment options to complete the payment.

Enlightened CT Metaphysical Fair

Sponsored by Skull and Moon Spiritual Shoppe & Noema Hypnosis & Healing. You are invited to join us to showcase your business.

All spaces are first come first serve and it is a semi-juried event.  We will limit similar vendors.  Readers are responsible for their own bookings and money.

We require that your displays stay within your space.  

Advertising will include online, signage, posters, etc... 

Please share, share, share!

Vendors selling merchandise are required to provide a CT Sales Tax ID Number.  The booth fee is non-refundable and non-transferable once it is accepted and paid.  Electricity and corners are first come first serve.  We will do our best to honor any special requests.  

Skull and Moon Spiritual Shoppe, Noema Hypnosis & Healing, nor any representatives including support staff shall be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage to work, personal injury, property damage, or other liability.  Neither exhibitors nor any of their representatives shall be party to any legal action against any of the above mentioned.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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