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If you were directed to this page because of the RESET YOURSELF 22 Podcast thank you for listening and remember this is a very basic start but enough to get the energy of your home beginning to flow a lot smoother!!!! 



  • Clutter! Clutter! Clutter! Steer away from any kind of clutter. A clean home is a happy home. It does not matter if it is a room, a closet, or a dusty shelf! As I mentioned in my podcast,  (Reset Yourself 22 Podcast | JimmyGonzalez) Where can you start? The front door!  Walk thorugh  first and get a feel for flow and what may prevent flow from happening smoothly. The area around the entrance and main door should be free of any mess because that is exactly where energy enters your home.

  • Add life! Add plants to your home!  This will add the wood element, which strengthens creativity and growth. 

  • Remove broken things and clocks that are not ticking! Also anything that is dead! (plants, fish tanks)

  • Use colors that resonate with the five elements of Feng Shui. Earthy tones, greys, whites, blues and reds are some colors that you can use. This does not mean you must paint a room red but you could add red artwork or red little itmes that you love and mean something to you. 

  • Make sure your bed, work desk and stove should be in  the correct position. Facing the entry door and if not there are tips and tricks you can do with crystals. 

  • Think of balance! so for example in your bedroom, ensure there’s space on either side of your bed. If choosing nightstands, make sure they are of the same height. Also, take out some time to make your bed every morning.

  • Also, remove anything that makes impossible to get through a path and slows down your movement through your home. If you are bumping into a piece of furniture, move it!!!! 

  • Clean your windows to allow maximum sunlight into your home for a warm and bright vibe. Let the energy flow.

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