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With Happiness, Good Health & Abundance, here are your

LUCKY 7 Skull & Moon steps in preparation for starting the New Year on a Very Positive note.


The key is to not allow any of last year's baggage into this new year.  Start as fresh as possible.



(Some steps may need some preparation so start as early as possible.)



Get rid of them, they are a sign of a stale house with no flow.  Feed your home with positive energy and it will reward you back. Start by dusting from ceiling to floor, then allow the dust to settle and then vacuum. Never start the New Year with a dirty, dusty home. Show your home appreciation for bringing you security and warmth especially during these cold winter months. Remember, a clean home is a happy home. The New Year is always a great time of year to do a full house blessing and to sage all the negative energy out of your home.   If you need help with that, let me know…  I offer Spiritual Space Cleansings.   




Get rid of it. If you can’t do it all, then focus on the entrance and pathways of your home. This also includes porches and stairs. If you have problems getting in, so will positive energy. This includes all hallways inside your home. Once you clear your clutter you will begin to experience higher energy levels, more clarity, and a heightened sense of well-being. Don’t wait until Spring to clean the clutter. Start now by clearing the paths so that positive energy can and will flow into your home.     



Make sure before you go out to celebrate or even if you are just bringing in the New Year at home, make sure all garbage including trash bins around the house are out

of the home before midnight.     



We all wish to bring in a New Year rich with an abundance of great food so make room for it by cleaning out your refrigerator and cabinets of old leftover containers that either spoiled and/or expired cans of stuff you know you are not ever going to eat.



How about forgiving yourself?! We all have that skeleton in the closet; some an entire cemetery. We are moving forward to a new year! Why keep those negative feelings hanging from your heart? You are human and you are one of a kind! You are such an amazing person and I am blessed to share this planet with you, so walk right up to a mirror right now and forgive yourself. Whatever you did is now in the past and should stay there. Bringing things back over and over again will not allow you to move forward. Understand what and why you did what you did when you did what you did to whomever. 😊 Now focus on a fresh forgiven new you! Work on being a better more loving, compassionate, forgiving person.

 While looking in the mirror remember to say,

“I LOVE YOU!”   



You just looked in the mirror and forgave yourself. So now should be the time to bury the hatchet and not in your enemy.  It is a new year time to forgive it all… “but it is hard”.  They have most likely moved on and forgotten. So, you should just let it go! Understand that grudges only bring YOU misery. We should always strive to live a life filled with love, kindness, love, compassion and more love. Grudges are a negative waste of energy that holds us back. We create our own happiness or misery. Still don’t feel ready to pick up that phone. Start by forgiving them inside your heart and visualize yourself standing in front of them (even if they have passed) and saying I AM SORRY and don’t just say it mean it!!!    



Start the New Year by being more grounded. Focus on taking care of your Physical self, Mental self, and Spiritual self. Living a balanced life is the key to being healthier and happier. This is important for you but also for those that must deal with you! You don’t have to go out and join a gym but start small by walking more (too cold? Go to the mall!) You can also start watching what you eat and eat more meals and smaller portions. As for taking care of the mental and spiritual self, surround yourself with like minded people that believe in you.  Allow yourself to talk about your dreams and goals without being judged and try meditation! “BUT I CAN’T!!” I believe you can. Come down to our Mind’s Eye Meditation. It is a Meditation geared for those that feel they “can’t”. I am happy to say we have been successful in  helping those that say they can’t!  Mind's Eye Meditation


If I can take the time to share my New Year rituals with you to help you have a better year, I ask to please take the initiative. It will only benefit you and your family!


“In the New Year, may your hand always be stretched out in friendship,  never in want.”

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