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Officiant / Minister


Planning on tying the knot!  Now that you have found love, what is the first step towards making it official?

In the state of Connecticut, marriage licenses are issued by city or town clerk's offices. It is the responsibility of the couple to get the license. The rules may be different in different parts of the state so it is better to not wait until last minute. In Connecticut, marriage licenses are valid for 65 days. There is no mandatory waiting period - meaning that a ceremony can legally be performed as soon as the license is issued. Once the ceremony has been completed, the signed marriage license must be returned before it expires.

Now a little about me and why I have chosen to be a special part in the lives between two that have decided that their bond is strong enough to become one in the spiritual union of marriage.  I became ordained through the Universal Life Church Monastery which is a multi-religious interfaith ministry. 

I take the sanctity of marriage serious. How serious? I was married twice and divorced twice and have learned so many lessons only life can teach. I am much older, wiser and a lot more understanding. Marriage is more involved then people think it is. It is all about sacrificing for your partner but also knowing when your needs must come first. Marriage is about keeping a great balance between the needs of two and when there isn't balance which will happen this is when you must be understanding, patient, compassionate, and kind towards your spouse. This is the challenge! When things are great the marriage will sparkle but when challenges occur this is where you show the ability to make a commitment to your better half.  A successful marriage is a lot of give and take! I must be honest and say that it took my past marriages to truly understand after the fact what a marriage actually is. I have been through a lot and then some and everyday I learn more and share what I can with those willing to listen. Being able to share my lessons (mistakes) with others that are planning on exchanging vows or currently married and just not happy is a special gift I can offer from my life's experiences.  


Marriage is the beginning—the beginning of the family— the start of a chapter which can lead to a beautiful story. It is a life-long commitment. It also provides an opportunity to grow in selflessness as you serve your partner and if you so decide to have children. Marriage is more than a just a physical union; it is a spiritual and emotional union. As for Hand-Fasting, which is a new experience in my life I recommend it to all faiths. This is not just a Wiccan practice and is a great way to create a bond with your partner that you can frame as a keepsake of your special day. I will be happy to supply a Handfasting Cord but I recommend finding some that both of you can cherish and love as a reminder of your union. I recommend Etsy to purchase a cord. So many types, colors, designs and pricing. Etsy is a great place to search.

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