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I truly worked really hard on delivering high-value to you so you can start your journey as soon as possible.  But that's honestly just the beginning...

I have an offer for you that I guarantee will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Just bear with me, hear me out, then download your FREE workbook...

My 6-Week Weight-Loss Program typically costs $325 for the first session which includes a consultation and intake session so we can really get to the heart of the issue and treat the root cause not just the symptoms.  


The information I gather from the intake session is used to create a personalized approach specifically for you and your issues.  


For this program, it would require 6 coaching sessions to really create that lasting change.  I charge $150 per subsequent session so...

in total for my 6-week weight-loss program, it would normally cost only $1,075.

But for this month I am offering a deal that you really can’t refuse!  Not only am I discounting my already inexpensive sessions, I am also including my self-hypnosis recordings for FREE to keep you on track.  


For this month only, I am offering my 6-week weight loss program for $750!  


You will finally have more energy, feel great, and be able to fit into that old pair of jeans you love after only 6-weeks. 

If you can’t commit to paying the whole amount upfront, I’m willing to accept $150 down and $100 per session.  We can make it work because I so want this to work for you! 

I’m only offering this to people that are serious and fed up with carrying around all of that extra weight that’s holding them back!  I insist on meeting weekly to ensure accountability and to create a strong support system.   

I'll guide you step-by-step on how to replicate the exact incredible results I achieved... and make them a permanent part of your life!

I know it sounds so cliché but “wait there’s more…”

I’m also adding these really awesome sleep headband headphones so you can listen to the pre-recorded hypnosis sessions while you sleep.  This was such a huge help for me during my weight loss journey and I know they will help you too.  


But these are only available to the first 20 people that sign up so act quickly!

Seize this opportunity before you find yourself feeling helpless against weight gain again.


Before I end my rant, I want to eliminate the last shred of doubt you may have by guaranteeing this system.  


If you don’t lose weight by the end of the program, I offer my 100% “Call Me Crazy” Guarantee No Hassle Refund!  


Now you have no reason not to jump on this and

schedule a FREE phone consultation

with me!

Click here to Lose Weight for Good

“His words are calming yet they challenge you to see things for a better understanding of life. Jimmy inspires you to dig deep and look at situations from different perspectives. Through him I was able to forgive those from my past. Able to let go of insecurities that didn’t serve my future and to move forward with a more educated mind and clear heart.”


Losing your zest for life?

Feel like you are on autopilot?

Do you read self-help books, listen to inspirational speakers, look for motivation but it never really lasts like there is some blockage that you just can’t seem to break through?

Your habits and limiting beliefs are steering you off the path you know you should be on.

Understand that many of the obstacles and blocks that keep you from achieving your goals were laid unintentionally by family and friends from the moment you were born deep in your subconscious mind.


If you think about it, you are told who you are through your heritage and culture, what and who to believe in, how to react, habits were created and limiting beliefs set… 








I have learned the tips and tricks and I have the tools in order to be able to assist and guide you to hit your reset button.

Ready to take action?

Let's figure out where you are on your journey...

I have true self-help tools.


Get Inspired through the Reset Yourself Podcast

All you need to do is at your leisure listen to my podcast to get inspired and listen to me yell at you in a loving way. Every Tuesday I record a new podcast which can be heard on many different platforms. Listening to me as easy as asking Alexa or your Google assistant to play the Reset Yourself 22 podcast.


Try the Do-It-Yourself Approach

I have many Self-Hypnosis sessions that you can download to start the process of truly changing your mindset.  I also have one hypnosis available called The Feeling of Hypnosis so you can see what it feels like.


Get Serious

Schedule an in person or online private Hypnosis Session with yours truly or sign up for my Mindset Coaching Program and say goodbye to that negative version of yourself that was created and hello to the actual, real YOU!



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