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Hi, I’m Melissa Kuian and I am an Astrologer.

Let me share with you my story…  I’ll try to make it quick, lol.

I was going through a very tough time in my life (little did I know until later that it was my Saturn return) and was looking for guidance, someone to listen to me and actually hear me…  I’ve been through so much therapy, but it just wasn’t deep enough.  Everything was so cookie cutter, and I was really struggling.  So, where does one go when faced with this emptiness….  Metaphysical Shops and New Age Fairs, lol!  I say that jokingly but it’s true.  I meet so many people looking for wellness, safety and inclusion in those places and I’m blessed to now be apart of such an amazing community.  


Anywho, so I went to a New Age Fair and there were astrologers, gasp, that were affordable, double gasp!  I’ve met with many readers before that were always enlightening and helpful, but I was always so enamored by the Astrologers.  I held them on such a high pedestal.  I eagerly signed up to meet with Julianne.  I was surprisingly nervous.  I didn’t know what deep dark secrets she would uncover or if she would tell me something scary or that there something inherently wrong with me…  She did nothing of the sort.  Instead, she floored me. 


This is personal and sorry for oversharing, but I just find this so profound!  She told me that I had a difficult childhood and never felt safe, that my household was very tumultuous, my father died when I was young, my grandmother raised me, I was surrounded by addiction and that I struggled with it for a time, that I either worked with animals and dealt with a lot of death (ran the Bridgeport Animal Shelter for 8 years so yeah you could say that) or real estate (did both!) and that a fire sign would save my life (and Jimmy the strong Aries did!).  She also told me that I should learn Astrology because my chart said that I would be good at it.  I was speechless!  I immediately decided she would be my mentor if she wanted to or not and I literally started following her around.  I joined the Astrological Society of Connecticut, attended all her classes and functions, read every book she suggested and am so grateful that I met her.  She is the second fire sign to save my life. 

Enough about me…  Let’s talk about you!  If you choose to book a session with me, I will discuss your birth chart with you for the first half of our session, answer any questions and then briefly discuss the transits of the upcoming month (for those that don’t know what that means…  Your birth chart is a snapshot of where the planets where at the time of your birth.  The transits are where the planets are now and how they correspond with your birth planets.) 

Your birth chart is like a personal roadmap which tells a story.  In some traditions, it’s considered the map of your karma.  I will explain the relevancy of the planet placements, the kind of first impression you give off, and the most striking and significant parts of your chart. You’ll gain insight into your natural propensities and how you perceive and contribute to this world.


Astrology is not a religion nor is it fate. It is simply a study of the natural cycles in which we are all an active part of. Astrology gives perspective; it teaches us to see ourselves and others with greater understanding and compassion.

To receive a birth chart and some insight into the upcoming month, please make your purchase below and fill out the needed info.  It typically takes me about a week to write everything out, then I email it to you so you can look it over an then we can plan to meet.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my journey and I hope to meet you soon. 



Melissa was brilliant and amazing to say the least. She truly is a caring person and has a passion for helping others. She took so much time out of her day to provide an awesome and positive experience for me. Melissa was down to earth, easy to talk to, listened, gave me advise and insight. She broke everything down nicely and simplified it for me as well. I truly felt at peace after our session and found clarity too. Highly recommended as I'm sure you will be just as satisfied as I am. Will absolutely be seeing her again soon.

Nick A.

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