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Please understand that I take this very seriously and don't feel that Past Life Regression is the right option for everyone.  I offer Past Life Regression as a tool during my coaching sessions and don't offer it to everyone.  I meet with my coaching clients numerous times before introducing this modality.  It's not "fun".  Some people think of it as a cool, fun thing to do similar to a reading.  It's not.  It can be heavy, disturbing, traumatic yet extremely healing.  It can take weeks to fully unpack the lesson and work through it all.

If you are a candidate and will be undergoing a session, please familiarize yourself with the modality and my approach.

My approach is different than most and is customized to fit your needs.  No two scripts are the same.  I use the info you give me to create YOUR script.

The sessions are always at least two hours, and I always leave time to discuss any questions and insight.  

Sometimes, only one session is needed.  Sometimes, it takes a few sessions to get to the core of the issue.  Everyone is different but I help you work through it all. 

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is based on the Reincarnation Theory in which the soul survives death and returns to be born again into a new physical body with a new opportunity to progress and grow in knowledge and wisdom. The theory supports the belief that we experience life from the different perspectives of gender, race, religion, wealth, etc. and that our body is the one vehicle we are provided on Earth to fulfill our missions and learn our lessons. Through hypnosis we can experience our past lives and have a better understanding of our life purpose.

Have you ever asked yourself,

"Who am I really?"

"Is there more to me than just this life?"

If you believe you are a spirit having a human experience, then it makes sense that your soul continues to evolve through many many lifetimes experiencing and learning countless lessons for spiritual growth.

As we move through these lifetimes, we sometimes carry faint memories, knowing's or understandings of various aspects of our life and the world. Many of us have met a young child that is more alert than the other children. It is as though the child, as they say, "Has an old soul". Or crossing paths with a stranger and feeling that you have known this person your entire life. There is just such a comfort in this chance meeting. How do you know this person? Take for example, a child who is a prodigy can play Mozart without any formal training.  

In Buddhism, The successor to the Dalai Lama is traditionally located by senior monastic disciples, based on spiritual signs and visions. When a child is showing signs to friends and families of being an old soul and sharing stories of being another person from another time, possibly the successor to the previous Dalai Lama the High Lamas present the boy with a number of items to see if he can select those which belonged to the previous Dalai Lama. If only one boy has been found, the High Lamas will then confirm their findings with eminent religious and secular figures before reporting to the Central Government

  • Have you ever been somewhere new and are certain that you've been there before? Certain streets, a restaurant you walk in to feels so familiar! As you look around you seem to know where everything is? Maybe, a little too familiar!

  • Does your connection to certain people seem stronger than others?

  • Do you have fears or phobias but no explanation as to why?

Do I need to believe in reincarnation to have a successful Past Life Regression (PLR) session?


You do not need to believe in reincarnation. As your guide in this PLR session I will help connect the dots throughout the experience. If you do not believe in reincarnation, you can still be successfully regress and benefit from a session. All I ask is that for the session to be successful, you must be open and willing to accept and not be judgmental. 


Who is a good candidate?

PLR is not a procedure, but rather, it is a therapeutic tool and a process of healing and growth. Those who are willing and open to actively put in the work throughout and after the session will benefit most.  Like Hypnotherapy, PLR is not a magic pill that all of your issues will be resolved quickly and in one session. Granted you may learn alot about your past but work has to be put in to connect the past lives with the present to help figure out your future and this will help pave your path in life. It is like building a muscle and the more you access the information and tie in the pieces the more benefit you obtain. It is important to have realistic expectations and I will be there as a guide, following you with appropriate tools, resources and insight in order to apply it to your life.

Also, if you have experience in meditation it can help you induce a trance state faster.


How to I know if these are real memories or it’s just my imagination?

Any information that comes from the subconscious mind (Without allowing the conscious logical mind to intervene) is great. What matters is that the memories are helpful to the client in their current life.


“Since 1972 I have considered Past Life Therapy (PLT) to be the most effective psychotherapy in the world.

Even a single session can be miraculous.” – Dr. Norman Shealy MD, PhD


Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

What else should I expect in a session?

In PLR, we induce a deeper level of hypnosis in order to work within the subconscious realm.


The focus here will be to make you most comfortable and feeling grounded prior to the session.

  • Are you more relaxed while seated or laying down?

  • I always recommend having a blanket to cover up if you get cold during the session

  • Cellphones should be turned off. 

Before we begin the PLR session, time is taken to retrieve as much background information as possible.

Then there will be time for breathwork and guided meditation to explore hypnosis prior to doing a past life regression session. This is not required if you have been hypnotized successfully in the past. 

If you are curious about your past lives, book a session with me and let's find out together who  you were before and how those lives can help you better understand the one you are living now.


Breathwork, guided imagery, PLR, and exploration/ integration/ processing.

"How do I describe this! It really is hard to put into words. A dream but you are awake. You are there, but you know you are here. I am in his office but yet I am at a farm watching my PL family doing chores. It was so much to take in. It was like watching a movie but of my lives. Meeting other mothers and siblings was very difficult. I could feel the love, that bond. Daddy issues I have now and I know why. Not many Daddys in my lives. Well, now it makes sense and I
know to work on it!" 

Kristy L.

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