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10 Ways To Start Training Your Subconscious Mind To Get What You Want

1. Be willing to truly and deeply believe that you will change.

The first step in creating change is to actually believe it is possible. We all want change; we all want a million dollars. (Or do we?) We tend to be our own destroyer of dreams. Saying we want this and that and it only becomes lip service. Our needs must be really thought through. I want to graduate college, but I don’t want to study! I want a new relationship, but I just don’t want to date! I am too heavy, but the gym sucks. If you want something and I mean REALLY want something you WILL get it! I always have! Everything I have put my mind to without self-sabotaging it has always come to fruition. So think your needs through and always be realistic.

2. Give yourself permission to succeed!

Instead of spending all of this time in your manifesting mind following the “Law of Attraction” first tell yourself that it is ok to receive the fruits of your labor. So instead of thinking that you will be happy once you get divorced, or move to another state, or get that other job. Focus on the whole package of life. Yes, life can always be better but stop focusing on what will or can happen! Focus on the good today! Do not ignore what you are being gifted with today! Even if it is simply a yummy scoop of your favorite ice cream! Allow yourself to be happy NOW! Fill yourself with gratitude! The more you are thankful, the more you will receive.

3. Don't allow other people's BULLSHIT to cast any doubt on your hopes, dreams, and goals!

A good example is the world of free advice, SOCIAL MEDIA! Stop, posting every thought on social media! By you doing this you allow these “friends” to judge you to the point that you have actual strangers telling you what you should do, how you should think, who you should date, etc. Don’t allow strangers into your private realm. They have never walked in your shoes! The way people respond to your post will tell you how they are really doing in their lives. Keep your circle of trust small. These “Facebook friends” have nothing to do with what you are or aren't capable of. Pick your friends wisely. A true friend will only want what is best for you without judging you. Surround yourself only with positive people! STAY AWAY FROM THE NEGATIVE NICK OR NANCYS! They will drain our soul!!!

5. Your success should be seen, and felt as fact, not a hope or dream

This does not mean you should walk around saying you’re a millionaire with $17.00 in checking. Start speaking about what it is you want out of life not that it will one day happen, but that you are already living it.

Instead of saying: "I hope to do that one day," say, "I am working on making it happen." Instead of thinking: "I can’t wait till I am in a different place in my life," instead think, "I am very happy right here and right now, and nothing is holding me back."

6. Create a vision board.

I have used these for years and they have never let me down! In fact, besides helping decide what it is I want, upon getting the pics ready and looking at it long enough it has surprisingly made me realize what I don’t want! Begin by imagining what you want out of your life and what steps you will have to take to make it happen. If you don't know where you're going, you will never end up where you wish to be!!! The size of the board does not matter! Whether pictures are cut out or printed or you simply place key words on your board, if it all has true meaning to you then go ahead! The boards do not have to be in your face every day. Place them somewhere where you can glance at them. The subconscious mind will keep an eye on your board. By the way keep it fresh! As things happen update your board and always be very appreciative, and if things just no longer vibe with you replace them!


When your subconscious minds holds you back from receiving something that you want, it is because you are holding a conflicting belief about it. To figure out if this is what you really, truly want, question yourself. Ask yourself why you seem to continue to make excuses and why what you want is so difficult? You may say you want something badly, but do you find yourself constantly procrastinating over it! Be honest with yourself! You may not really want this or want it now! As you start to figure your life plans and what you really want in life, address these issues and be TRUE TO YOURSELF!

8. Nothing is in stone!

Having a 5 year or 10-year plan is important to have! It helps us stay on a path BUT understand that things change over time and some of it is out of your control. So, when the rug is pulled out from under you get back up and either tape the rug down or throw it away and tile! Be able to adapt to sudden changes in your life! I had a successful music career, I was a prominent voice for the animals, I owned my own graphic design, screen printing and web design business and now my life path is helping others find themselves! So, you see as doors close, some which closed on me, some I closed, and a few I slammed and nailed shut! You are the captain of YOUR ship! So, it is ok to set sail and head to your current destination and then decide to head elsewhere! This is not seen as failure but as you are learning about yourself during this voyage of life and you are making the changes you need to reach the destination you wish to reach! It is my experience that new and better opportunities surface, and I always end up in a better place.

9. Start a journal of gratitude!

Keep a notebook and as often as you can keep notes on what you have in life and not continually talking about what you need! By expressing thanks for all that you have received, you shift your mindset from constantly lusting for new things to being content and fulfilled with what you have and where you are at. Nothing helps manifest abundance like gratitude. When you believe you have enough, you are open to receiving more and more!

10. Your mind is listening!

Know that your mind listens to what you think and speak! I am fat, I am stupid, I am not capable, I am a failure, I and not worthy, I am incompetent, I can’t………

Say it and the subconscious will simply concur and place these words into play. This is a huge one because I know many Negative Nicks and Nancys! They really know how to drain others, but they sadly drain themselves. When Life gives you lemons, YES! Make lemonade and if life doesn’t give you lemons do not complain about the fact that you did not get lemons, or the lemons are spoiled, or you wanted more, or they are too small! Just be content with what you have! If you have nothing positive to say about yourself, SHUT UP! Being positive when you are going through an unwanted divorce or having your car repossessed can be difficult but focus on the next step! Can the divorce be saved YES or NO! Did you not make payments for your 2021 Corvette because it truly was outside of your means? Stop focusing on the issues and focus on how to resolve them and move on to the next thing. Life it short and so many of us harp on things continuously!

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