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RACING MIND? Blame your Monkey!

"Stress, Anxiety, Tension, worry and all forms of fear are caused by spending too much time in a past that is gone and a future that has yet to happen! To live a better life we should be focused on the present."

I have now been meditating for over 20+ years and guiding and sharing my Mind's Eye Meditation sessions with many wonderful clients that have become friends and successful meditators. The confusion and stress that they have created about the concept of meditating has disappeared and now they have more control of their lives because they have a better understanding of their thoughts.

It makes sense that your mind will race but it seems to be a race that never has a finish line! You are not alone.

Now here your turning point.

Would you like to meditate?

You can!


Here is the simplest start. Find somewhere to sit comfortably (Couch, Park Bench, Toilet, the Shower, the Bed, or taking a Stroll) So far so good! Next: Start to listen to yourself breathing. For some it helps to place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly! Now Inhale and Exhale! Do not cause yourself to pass out! Just breathe!

If you have done this then guess what? You are meditating!

Well, this is the crawling stage! You need to breathe to live so that is helpful but focusing on feeling the breath and listening to your breath maybe a little weird but you are worth the work. You will realize this is not so bad!

Ok so now for that obstacle of the racing mind or like I like to refer to it as the Chattering Monkey! These are the thoughts of your life's past, present, future, the bills, your health, your relationships, your family, friends, pets, worry, stress, and your lack of.....WOW! It is a lot but understandably shutting all of this thought out will happen when you are no longer in this flesh! Yes, six feet under! You see it is my belief based on my experiences and on the stories shared with me by so many amazing friends. That the approach that I share by quieting the mind works and fighting to silencing your mind is a great start for beginners. I have been wrestling with my monkey for twenty years and a random thought or 500 may leak in to your mind but know that this is ok! What I do when these thoughts fight and interrupt is I do not make them go away.

I answer them!

  • You must change your cars oil! "I will this Thursday at the Jiffy lube down the street"

  • How about paying your Electric bill! "I will have the money to pay for the bills on such and such date"

  • You need to help your friend move this weekend! YES! that is this weekend and I will take care of this, this weekend. and on and on and on and on!

What begins to happen is you lighten that load and begin to keep that chattering monkey at bay! I forgot to mention as you answer a thought go right back to your breathing or listening to a guided meditation, or even focusing on something visually relaxing! It may take a few times but the benefits of being still are amazing. There so many types of guidance to get you going! YOUTUBE is a wonderful place to begin and there are even some wonderful apps and you will begin to see that you do not have to climb up a mountain to a monastery to begin this journey. A session can take hours or minutes! It can be done anywhere you can take the time to be still. Do not over think it. This is about thinking less and focusing on you!

Still not sure? Feel free to write to me and I will happily guide you in a direction that may work for you.

I hope you can make the time to reconnect with yourself and just be!


Jimmy Gonzalez CCH

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