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Death by Chocolate..... Candy bar?

Let me tell you about one of my own experiences of being hypnotized. A few years ago, I had taken on the task of removing the tub in my bathroom which because of so many problems, as they say I opened a can of worms. To my dismay the entire tub wall which faces outside did not have insulation but instead an even layer of mold! So down came that wall, the window, all the tile and out went the heavy tub! Can you believe that one morning I woke up and continued to remove all the walls including the ceiling and the floor. The house’s bones were good, but it was built in 1956 so it really needed updating, and a coat of paint would not be enough. By the time that part of the bathroom was gone I really had to keep going, so everything came out (toilet, sink, counter, mirror, lighting, exhaust fan, and flooring) It was very involved especially since after this task was conquered, I then preceded to gut and replace the entire kitchen!!! Well, it all came out very beautifully!

Now when does being hypnotized part happen? Well, this story is not over! I am a man, a patient man but not a carpenter. I learned how to do all this work from YouTube videos, books, and trial and error! As you can imagine Home Depot became a daily trip. I bought the wrong thing, the wrong size, wrong color, out of stock, IT CAME BROKEN! This Home Depot has this but not that, and that one has that but not this, so between four Home Depots I shopped, regularly!! So, for about a year we became close friends. Now the odd thing is I created a habit every time I went. At the register I would buy a drink (Seltzer or a Monster) and a HERSHEY ALMOND candy bar! EVERYTIME!!!!!! I grew up with a ridiculous sweet tooth with a lust for anything yummy! I now can look back and say it was more lust than love. I was the kid that would buy a dozen donuts or a tray of Oreos or Chips Ahoy cookies and finish them off in one sitting! This went on until a few years ago when I went to school for Hypnosis! It was the second to last day of class and as a treat our teacher put on a clip of Paul McKenna, the Hypnotist to the stars. It was on VHS, very old and very blurry. I remember we all got comfortable in different chairs. I sat on the floor in the back of the room and waited for the movie to begin. So the video starts with Paul McKenna in front of an audience talking about Hypnosis and inviting a few people up to help them with their specific issues. One of the people was a heavy set lady complaining that she could not stop over eating and her guilty pleasure was chocolate! So he had her go through the entire process on stage of being hypnotized so I sat in the back of the room and thought to myself, “To be a good hypnotist I should know exactly what it is like to be hypnotized.” So as I sat I wondered what could I do without and “Hershey Almond Chocolate bars” flashed in my mind. I thought of the ridiculous amount of candy bars I ate more because of a habit and not really because I needed to eat that many. I realized that I was eating junk food more to fill a void, and I lusted for this garbage instead of eating when I actually wanted some chocolate or sweets. I knew that a point came in my life that I could enjoy a cannoli maybe two but eating a tray of 24 cannolis in the back seat of a car heading to Great Adventures was a stupid mistake! By the time I arrived I was already sick and puking! I started to notice that the first or second cookie or cannoli tasted good and after that it was just lust! I remember buying a candy bar at Home Depot and getting to the truck with an empty wrapper in my hand…did I drop it? Did I eat it? Did I even enjoy it? So the hypnotist on the blurry tv went through the process of Hypnotizing the lady and I focused on his voice. I inhaled and exhaled, I treated the video as if he was speaking directly to me. It all lasted about 15 minutes. Then it was over. He brought the lady out of hypnosis, and I also felt myself being more aware of my surroundings. I sat back at my desk, and he had his staff bring out a tray of many types of Chocolate on a silver platter. He offered her the tray and as she held the tray she began to sob. Something had happened during these last 15 minutes, but what!? I read the books, I took the test, I even hypnotized a few classmates but wait a minute. This guy wasn’t in front of me. He was just talking on tv, it was a blurry recording, not sure the sound was even that great. Did it really work?? Could this be??? The moment we left class I beelined it to the closest Home Depot raced to the check out, purchased a can of LO -CAL Monster and a Hershey Almond Candy bar! How did I feel about this? Was I ready? Did something change? Was I hypnotized? What happened? Well, I knew something had changed once I got back to the truck because the candy bar was still unopened! I sat in my truck for a little while sipping my drink and staring at the bar! WTF! What was going on? Was this for real??Had something shifted? The bar did not look as delectable. The connection to this bar and my soul was severed somehow! Something was different. I became very emotional that evening and for days ahead I would find myself going up and handling candy bars, but it was as if there was a permanent break in the chain between me and the bar. It has now been 2 years and I still have not had a Hershey Almond candy bar. Are you wondering if I swore off all candy? Funny thing is as I mentioned before the lust was gone and I realized that I ate junk food because it existed. I have not been able to eat without hunger in general anymore and this no longer is just for junk food, this is all foods. So as a Hypnotist I can say without the shadow of a doubt that hypnosis can work if you are ready willing and able to allow your mindset to change!

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