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It will just be dinner...


The next time you go out for dinner how about taking some time throughout your meal to consider what is actually going on. Yes, you are paying for a meal and expect good service but are you truly showing gratitude for your evening? -Let us begin with the owner of this fine establishment, which most likely took a huge risk in opening this restaurant. It is probably their pride and joy and everyday counts their blessings when they are able because of your visit keep their place open.

-The Hostess welcomes you and stresses over who sits where and they have to juggle keeping you and your party and the waitstaff happy. Seems easy but can be quite stressful.

-Next you have the Busboy, the lowest paying position in the restaurant but sometimes they get to split tips with the waitresses and if not many use this position as a stepping stone or simply money to help them pay their bills. I always organize my dishes after I am done to help make their jobs quicker.

-The waitstaff. Truly an amazing bunch. They paid squat, they have to deal with some very interesting patrons. Most tend to be great but you have quite a few that take out their own misery on the waitstaff because I guess you are paying for her services. Well, don't be a douche'. They may not always be on their A game so unless the service is ridiculously horrible cut them a little slack. They have to also balance between You and your party, hoping the busboy cleans their table quick enough, and the kitchen. Are the meals hot enough, does the food look appetizing, are the right meals on the right plates all while.making sure that older couple in the back have enough coffee and it better be hot!!! More cream please!!! Truly the Juggler of the restaurant floor. Most survive primarily on your generosity. I have watched on many occasions people walk away on waitresses and not leave them anything. If you are happy with service how about letting them know. Instead of just walking away leaving them wondering what they did wrong. That is not how you teach someone a lesson. Be considerate.

-The Chef well with out someone cooking what would a visit to a restaurant be... this job is truly one of passion. Kitchens are Hot and usually very tight. Many orders all coming in at once..baked instead of mashed...corn is too hard...they ordered medium, this is well done...

I asked for scrod this is chicken. Easy to complain from your chair and again, not defending a poorly run restaurant with bad staff. It exists but in general people are human and the same patience you wish for from others you should offer others.

- The Chefs help prepping before the restaurant opens, staying after all have left to clean up and prepare for the next day. Again, HOT, busy and very stressful.

Now how about the people that you don't see. The farmers, the fisherman, the truckers. The many different distributors of dishes, utensils linens. The list really can go on and on. So many people are involved everyday to bring you your meal. This is more than just paying for a service. It really is a give and take relationship. They give you take. Then you enjoy the food, you tip, you write a review and they take. It really is an amazing transaction.

All you have to do is start by showing gratitude that you are able to go out for dinner, put the cellphone down and be nice to the waitstaff, enjoy your food, don't just swallow it down and run. Take in the atmosphere that was put together to help make your experience more welcoming. Enjoy, the company you are with. You see this energy you are creating by showing gratitude, smiling, laughing and enjoying your evening is larger than the space around your table. It reverberates out into the cosmic consciousness. It connects and grows. Positive attitude, positive people. and this all came from acknowledging everyone involved in serving you, your meal and taking the time to enjoy your evening.

P.S. this also goes for so many other people involved with assisting and servicing you.

Everyone at your local supermarket, the Florist, Produce, Deli, Frozen food, Meat & Fish, and Baking staff then you have the Stock people, the Cashiers, the Baggers, Management, the Pharmacist, and all the different department heads and do not forget the cart people and that is just a supermarket how about Hospital staff -Doctors offices -Retail stores -Your mail person, The Fed Ex, UPS, and the Amazon drivers delivering your wonderful goodies. So you see the list can go on and on and on. You depend on so many and in return so many depend on YOU! So everyday, be grateful for those around you. We are truly in it together. I wish you all well. May you all be safe and healthy and may you receive abundance on every level.


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