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Kids can Meditate!

Would teaching your child meditation benefit them?

There has been research for years already done and still being looked into of the benefits children may have meditating. The Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) both published research that an estimated two million more children in the U.S. were diagnosed with ADHD between 2003 and 2012. These studies also showed that one million more children were taking medication for it. Most of the diagnoses started before the age of six.

A study done in Sydney Australia at the National Therapies Research Unit at the Royal Hospital for Women, showed significant improvements in Children that had symptoms of ADHD who were taught to meditate. The children reported improved attention spans and less hyperactivity. Meditation will help kids keep calm and it does take a little time and patience, but the end result will help this child learn coping skills they can use all throughout their lives. Children repeat what they see so it would be best and benefit the parent also to begin to practice meditation.

“But how do I meditate?” (Link provided below that may help)

More benefits!

Teaching kids to look after their minds is just as important as teaching them how to care for their bodies. Introducing children to meditation early on can help them learn how to calm their minds and use healthy coping skills that can benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Ok so it may not be easy to get a toddler, preschooler, or even an older child to sit in quiet stillness. That’s why you need to keep meditation on their level. With younger children it's good to use guided meditation, they could sit like you or have them sit like an animal. Maybe a frog or a bird (HAVE FUN WITH IT) and you will see a change in your child's ability to relax instead of having fits. Meditation with children doesn't have to be serious and completely silent and yes you can't expect kids to sit for too long but there are games you can play to keep them focused. For a little child, 10 seconds even 20 seconds is great. As they get older with practice they will get better. Understand that if the child seems to lose focus it's OK just like with adults you bring them back to a focus point.

With practice meditation can benefit you and your child. Even pets can be a part of meditation. The bond created can be so positive for all.

To learn how to meditate:

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