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Mindset is EVERYTHING!

If YOU start YOUR day focusing on the aches, pains, and problems these things will follow YOU all day!

Make excuses why YOU are overweight or unhappy and these issues will haunt YOU all day!

If YOU focus on YOUR past mistakes, failures, and poor decisions YOUR day is guaranteed to be filled with misery!

I am not saying it is easy to shut these thoughts out but why not put just as much thought into the roof over YOUR head, YOUR working refrigerator, the hot water YOU have to bathe in, the joy YOU receive sitting in front of YOUR television, or playing with YOUR kids, grandkids or pets. How about dessert? 🤗

YOU see in life YOU NEED BALANCE! When YOU lean to much too one side YOU tend to lose balance and fall. Even if things are always perfect, then things can be an issue when things go a little wrong. We tend to forget quickly how good we had it and are now very focused again on how bad we have it. See how quickly YOU forget how wonderful YOU had it.

Be appreciative every morning and every night.

Start by going inward and getting to know YOU! Not who society expects YOU to be. Strip away all of those society created layers like an onion.

Who are YOU?

What do YOU want?

Why is this so important to YOU?

...and give yourself a realistic time for when YOU like to meet these goals! I think YOU are worth getting to know YOURSELF again!

Don't YOU?

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