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PAST LIVES? What happens after you die?

Life is funny. I just finished my Past Life Regression course and the movie, Defending Your Life reappears back in my life. I have always thought of this movie, it is really a one of a kind movie. It has stuck with me for years for some reason. The movie presents one of the most plausible and thought-provoking views of the afterlife in a funny way. The protagonist Daniel played by Albert Brooks "catches a bus" and wakes up in Judgement City, where it's just like earth, only 70 degrees and clear all the time, and best of all you can eat all of the most delicious food in existence that you want and not gain a pound. and one of the fun places the characters visit is the Past life pavilion (a place that has a Disney park ride feel) here you can view up to 5 of your past lives.

While in Judgment city you are placed on trial. Several random days from your like are examined, and the judges decide whether you will "move on", or be sent back to earth to start all over again. The most interesting thing to me is that you aren't judged according to how well you followed the commandments, but on whether you let your fear keep you from making the right choices in your life. In this movie, fear is what keeps those of us on Earth and from realizing our full potential.

The movie was released in '91 and stars Albert Brooks; Meryl Streep and from Men in Black, Rip Torn

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. It is playing on a few different channels. I rented it on Prime video for $3 dollars.

Hope it makes you ponder life and dealing with your fears differently.

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