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Our spoken words hold significant power as they shape our reality. Even though we might not realize it, the words we say have a lasting impact and create vibrations in the world around us. Our consistent spoken words are like a mirror reflecting our inner thoughts and beliefs. Unfortunately, many people don't recognize the influence their words have and casually say things without considering the consequences.

If we keep talking about negative things like poverty or helplessness, those words spread through the air and affect our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind doesn't differentiate between good or bad; it simply brings to life what we consistently express and believe. This concept is at the core of Neville Goddard's Law of Assumption.

Our words reveal our unconscious assumptions, and these assumptions then become real in our daily experiences. If we pay close attention, we'll notice how accurately our words shape our world. As Joseph Murphy said, what we plant in our subconscious mind grows and shows up in our life.

So, if you keep talking about weakness, you'll end up feeling weak. Similarly, focusing on lovelessness will attract more of it. The subconscious doesn't judge; that's the conscious mind's role. So, when you express your desire to be happier, your subconscious listens to your words and emotions. This might explain why you desire happiness but seem to attract more unhappiness.

according to Neville Goddard, we manifest not what we want, but what we are.

I am choosing happiness and positivity in my life. My words create my reality, so I embrace affirmations of joy and blessings. Gratitude and abundance are my focus, leading to a shift in my thoughts and expressions. I am mindful of my words, as they shape my beliefs and experiences. I speak with love and upliftment, avoiding complaints and negativity. I trust in my abilities and envision success. My words are powerful, reflecting my inner state and influencing my world. I speak kindly to myself, fostering self-love and compassion. Through loving thoughts, I manifest the life I desire. I observe how conversations reflect experiences, and I choose prosperity in my speech. I recognize the value in all states of being. By transforming my inner dialogue, I create positive change in my external reality. as Hermes Trismegistus said. Man is given the gift of speech and mind that makes him equal to the immortals.

Our words are powerful and everlasting. They linger in the universe indefinitely, accumulating energy that affects the world and our lives. Just as spells, our words shape our experiences and have timeless influence. Hermes Trismegistus emphasized understanding speech and mind, guiding us even beyond life. Our words continue beyond our physical existence, reminding us of their impact. Choose words carefully, as they imprint on the collective consciousness, leading to either negativity or positivity. Negative words worsen the world and personal circumstances, while positive ones bring love and harmony. You can manifest your imagination's potential, contributing to a better world by awakening your essence. Empower yourself and others with words that create a heavenly reality aligned with your deepest desires.

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