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So much is said but how much is actually heard?

In the photo above you see that people are talking. Speaking to each other. Speaking to groups of people, but who actually truly listens? How often do you speak to someone and you know beyond the reason of a doubt that they are completely focused on what is coming out of your mouth while also taking in the emotions behind your words and the expressions of your face. All while looking in to your eyes. It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, so why wouldn't you want the honor to look deep into someone's soul. Here you can see their true emotions, their values, their passions but here you may also see their lies, their sadness, misery, hate, heartbreak, and their dark past. I wonder if people tend to not look directly into others eyes for fear of what they may see or because they do not want anyone to discover what they hide?

It is in the lack of communication that I have witnessed time and time again to be the breakdown of relationships between loved ones, friends and co-workers and in our own learning how to express ourselves wholeheartedly in life. This is not something I primarily learned during my time as a Hypnotherapist or Energy Healer but as a Chief Animal Control officer for my states largest dog pound. Animals do not deal with EGO. They are survivors and their main focus is their Fight or Flight reaction. Comparing this way of living may seem a little unrealistic but there may be something to learn behind this manner of survival. Live in the moment! Live for today, Love Deeper, Laugh from deep inside. YOUR HAPPINESS WILL KEEP YOU HEALTHY and YOUR MISERY MAY CREATE YOUR SICKNESS. So tell those you love how you feel. Tell those you don't how you feel! You owe it to yourself and them to just be honest. If they are true they will respect your honesty (depending of course how it is shared) it must come from your heart. Life will become easier for you and others when you communicate clearly and concisely and in return they take the time to listen. Wars have begun and marriages have ended because of a lack of communication. Siblings have stopped talking for decades usually over nonsense that could have been resolved over a cup of coffee but by this time pride and ego may have set in and there is no emotion until the day comes that one has passed and the other now feels the emotion of loss, regret and remorse. When a few words put together in a sentence or two could have changed so much.

During my time working in the animal world I met so many that questioned the intelligence of animals simply because they did not talk but yet we have such incredible extensive vocabularies yet we do not know how to use our mouths to express what we feel yet animals can sit in silence and say so much simply using their eyes.

Speak, speak from the heart, share what you need to, tell others what you feel without fear. Don't go through your life holding thoughts and emotions. Let them out, say what you feel.

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